OSSA The Great Beauty

OSSA 2017
The Great Beauty

ossa-logo OSSA – The Polish Association of Architecture Students – architectural workshops organized as a student bottom-up venture, with twenty years tradition. Incoming edition’s theme is The Great Beauty and it will take place between October 14th and October 22nd, 2017 in Wrocław.
Meetings of Polish Architecture Students take place annually, uninterruptedly for twenty years now, having evolved from informal meetings. Independently of its form, the workshop brings participants together, whose week-long effort provides unforgettable experiences. Thanks to this, each year, the students that are most interested in organizing it, propose their unique vision for the next edition.
We undertake OSSA on non-profit terms, sharing our time and enthusiasm. The funds that are needed come from hard-earned subsidies as well as support from companies and institutions. What also makes this project possible, is amount collected from the participants. However, we aim to make it as low as possible, for the workshops to be accessible based on skills and enthusiasm, indifferent of the material status.
If you would like to support Meetings of Polish Architecture Students we are open for any collaboration ideas. It gives us – the organizers – the possibility to develop this project, and for you – an opportunity to build relations with precisely selected participants, who will in close future be active on the market, shaping our architectonic environment.
We invite you to contact us.
design & coding: Karolina Popera ♫ Patryk Ślusarski | OSSA 2017