OSSA Wielkie Piękno

Barbara Widera


Graduated from Architecture Faculty at Wroclaw University of Technology. The author of PhD thesis „Moda jako zagadnienie interdyscyplinarne na przykładzie architektury i stroju” [transl. “Fashion as an interdisciplinary phenomenon on an example of architecture and outfit”] (2002). Designer, architect, assistant professor at the Department of History of Architecture, Arts and Technology at Wroclaw University of Technology. Tutoring courses: Contemporary architecture history, Aesthetics, Outfit history, Latest architecture, Bioclimatic architecture.

She is a consultant and a leader of research projects in a field of building energy efficiency as well as ecologic and bioclimatic architecture. Underwater archaeologist, member of international scientific expeditions organized in order to, among others, seek and explore wrecks in the Black Sea.

A member of History of Architecture and Monuments Preservation of the Committee of Architecture and Urbanism, Wrocław branch of PAN. A member of PLEA Scientific Committee, Passive and Low Energy Architecture, international organization gathering members of world’s scientific institutions, working for the design that is conscious about consequences for natural environment.