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Cezary Iber

cezary iber

I used to believe that for a change to happen, something needs to be changed and for a movement to happen, one needs to move.
I still believe in it, though now I also see that I am banality follower. After all, that banality allows me to prospect and to cross the boundaries of my own understanding.
I graduated from the Faculty of Acting at the State Drama School in Wrocław, then I finished the direction course at the Film and Television Direction Department at the Film School in Łódź.
I was filming documentaries in Poland and abroad, I worked for television, trying not to sell my soul, but, in the end,
I returned to the source and to the only profession I’ve ever really known, which gently touches the mystery – to the theatre direction.
I debuted at the Polski Theatre in Wrocław, then there was Toruń, Wrocław again, Rzeszów and Wrocław once more.
And so, I’ve been returning to Wrocław once in a while, until I began to lecture on my alma mater in Wroclaw.
And if I was supposed to describe myself in one word, I’d rather say I’m a seeker, because it always goes hand in hand with the question: of what?