FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is OSSA workshops?

Polish Association of Architecture Students are workshops series organized as a bottom-up student venture, a get-together with a twenty years tradition.

What is the topic of the workshop?

Incoming edition’s theme is “The Great Beauty”.

Where and when?

The workshops are taking place between 14-22 October 2017 in Wrocław.

Can I take a part in the workshops?

Every student or fresh graduate (up to a year after defending diploma thesis), who will be qualified, can become a participant. In most cases, participants are architecture students, but this is not a requirement.

Is there any participation fee?

Yes, there is. The cost is 500PLN. It covers: participation in all of the workshops’ activities, two meals a day(breakfast and dinner), accommodation, materials and tools needed to make projects. Arrival on your own.

Can I have the cost refunded at my home university?

Yes, however, it depends on your home university. We provide you with a certificate, that proves your attendance. For more information ask at your university students affairs office. Usually, the university asks for an invoice – thus you will need your university’s credentials (name of the university, address, taxation id number).

How can I qualify for OSSA workshops?

The recruitment started on 1st September. You need to fill-in a blank and create an entry form that responds to a given topic.

What is an “entry form”?

The rules are simple: we give the topic, you interpret it in a form of your choice and then you send it to a given address. The entry form can be of any form – from drawing, graphic art, through the spatial object to film or event – everything is up to your imagination! The details are here.

How many people take part in OSSA workshops?

Based on the entry form competition, we will select 70 participants, who will work in 10 groups consisting of 7 persons each. Every group will have one assistant and a tutor or two.

Who are tutors?

Tutors are outstanding designers from Poland and abroad, who will guide students during workshops. The list of tutors is here.

What happens during OSSA workshops?

During 9 days, most of the time is being spent on a group project, that we are presenting at the end of the workshops. The whole working process is supported with lectures, debates and other events organized by us. Follow our Facebook site for the detailed schedule.

Do I need to attend whole workshops?

Yes, definitely 🙂 The schedule is composed out of compulsory activities from early mornings till evenings.

What about accommodation?

We are providing accommodation in a hostel for all the participants in group rooms. Subscription for a particular room will be carried out after the recruitment.

In case I live in Wrocław, can I stay at my place?

In order to use the workshops to the fullest, all the participants are going to be accommodated in one place. No matter where you live, the participation fee stays the same.

Can I attend university classes during OSSA workshops?

In order to use the workshops to the fullest, all the participants are going to be accommodated in one place. No matter where you live, the participation fee stays the same.

Are there any ECTS point granted?

No, there are no ECTS granted, however, participation in the workshops provide you with points for scholarships.

What do I gain from OSSA workshops?

Unique possibility to work in a group lead by outstanding architects and designers, as well as an encounter with a professional architectural environment. Apart from official part of the workshops, there is also a social one 🙂

What projects are made during OSSA workshops?

Firstly, they are different than university projects. There is no obligation to design any building! Because of interdisciplinary character of the workshops – the projects are non-standard. Work at OSSA is supposed to broaden your horizons – this year all the participants are going to think-through the notion of The Great Beauty.

What should I take with me?

Grab your favorite working tool: a notebook, a camera, crayons, etc. – anything that helps you in creative thinking

What if I have food intolerance?

We provide two types of meals: for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

I need VISA, what should I do?

We can help you with getting your fast-track VISA. For this, please contact us through kontakt@ossa.com.pl

Can I leave before the end of the workshops?

No 🙂

I need to prove my qualification for OSSA workshops.

No worries — send a message to kontakt@ossa.com.pl giving your name and surname.

Whom should I ask if I have more questions?

During the workshops, your group will have an assistant. If you already have some questions, write to kontakt@ossa.com.pl