Our interest in the subject of Vision has its roots in the local traditions of our city. Apart from the textile industry, Lodz is known for its art avantgarde and cinematography. The Lodz Film School educated the most prominent Polish and international directors, cinematographers, actors and artists, such as Roman Polanski, Krzysztof Kieslowski or Roman Krolikiewicz. We would like to give to the participants an unforgettable insight to the magical world of cinema. Our focus would be cinematographers’ understanding of space and their ways of working with it. Their way of perceiving the world and formulating one
in their works by cropping, dynamics etc. which can be inspiring for our profession.


An opportunity to collaborate with the most renowned film institution in Poland is a chance to take part in discussions, lectures and short workshops with extraordinary artists, who have strongly influenced the common perception
of the world.


Film Form Studio


The “Film Form Studio” is a group created by filmmakers whose aim it was to demolish the patterns of creating and perceiving photographic and film image. The main goal of the artists was to expose the conventional, schematic character of our perception and reveal relativism of forms of communication. They focused on the deconstruction and analysis of film forms and film-making tools. By analyzing them in detail, they tried to find their essence. Their analytical approach, linked to a strong theoretical concept, still holds a strong message. The Studio’s works are the heritage of film and conceptual art.


The interests of the representatives of this neo-avantgarde group have been interdisciplinary from the outset. Acting in a conceptual and analytical spirit, they did not want to treat film as an artistic object, emphasizing its communication dimension. They tried to expel viewers from the patterns of perceiving reality, pointing to problems related to such issues as image, frame, time and reality.