Lodz indentity

The subject of identity of Lodz has always been widely discussed. Perhaps the attempts of classifying were justified by the fact, that it is a very “young” city in comparison to other Polish cities of similar size. Apart from that, the urge has contributed to creation of multiple, parallel and sometimes contradictory images of Lodz. In the short period of only 250 years Lodz has been a multicultural city, postindustrial city, artistic city, avantgarde city, city of cinematography, city of Art Nouveau but also a city of textile factories, polish Manchester and polish Detroit.


The multitude of the images, faces might be rooted in the amount of diverse visions of a city, that were realized here. But, when looking at Lodz today, are we able to see them out there? What is the real image of Lodz? Does it actually exist? Or, perhaps, following Magritte, what we see is not what it seems to be? What if the image that we see and the words we repeat are nothing more but a 1935 representation?

Rene Magritte, Portait, 1935