After ten years, OSSA returns to Łódź, a city with an extraordinary history. The city authorities focus on revitalization and modernization, giving the opportunity to implement projects of large scale and significance for the region. In this light, the Polish Architecture Students Association decided to choose this place to focus the attention of the architectural environment on significant changes that take place in the city space.


There is also a question about the new identity of the city. When searching for answers to these questions, one should return to the genesis of the city and its history. The identity of Łódź has always been the subject of discussion.


In just 250 years of existence, Łódź was labelled as multicultural, film orientated, artistic, Art Nouveau, industrial, and finally - post-industrial town
 or the avant-garde capital. The multitude of faces of Łódź translates into the number of visions for the city that was implemented in it. Looking at Łódź today, are we able to see these changes? Is there a unified picture of the city? During the OSSA workshops, we intend to answer all those important questions.


Thanks to the location of the workshops in post-industrial spaces, participants can experience the way in which a revitalized factory complex operates.