From Monday till Friday, groups of 7 students will be working supported by tutors. Invited guests are architects - both practicians and theoreticians. Very often they will collaborate with representants of other fields of expertise. They take different stands on their profession, but also on the topic of Vision itself. We encourage you to get to know their profiles.

Fala Atelier / Lera Samovich + Jack Huang

 Centrala / Małgorzata Kuciewicz + Simone de Iacobis

 Lukas Hüsser + Korbinian Kainz

JEMS Architekci / Maciej Miłobędzki

A2P2 Architecture and planning / Monika Arczyńska + Łukasz Pancewicz

OSSA is an extraordinary opportunity to meet for those wanting a little more and trying a bit harder - both participants and tutors. Believing that the key to achieving the most impressive results is diversity, we aim at combining those with built environment experience with ones willing to break fresh architectural ground.


Bjarke Ingels Group / Jakub Włodarczyk + Aleksander Wadas