By submitting your entry form, you accept terms and conditions listed below.

Keep in mind that you are obliged to follow it during the whole workshops.


OSSA 2018 Vision workshops participant commits himself/herself to:


1. Active participation in 9-day workshops programme, which is going to be presented at the beginning of the workshops; the organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the workshops programme. Each alteration is going to be communicated by means of SMS, as well as directly by your group helper.

2. Accept all the changes in location of the events, on condition that he/she is informed in due time;

3. Prepare for a nine-day-long stay at the workshops, since the very first day.

4.The payment of a workshop fee in amount 120 EUR including basic meals and accommodation throughout the duration of the workshop

5. Arrive at the meeting point not later than at 14:00 13 October 2018; more detailed information will be communicated via email, at least one week before the workshops start.

6. Stay at the accommodation prepared by the organize as well as sign and obey its terms and conditions.

7. Be present at all the lectures.

8. Obey rules concerning drinking alcohol in public places; do not drink own alcohol in pubs and restaurants. For violating any rules, the participant is responsible on his/her own behalf.

9.He/she is responsible for all damages done on his own, which could be charged to the organizer's costs.

10. In the event of problems that may affect the organization of the workshop, he/she undertakes to inform the organizer.

11. Inform the organizer about any food intolerances and health issues in the application form.

12. Share his/her contact details with the organizer for better communication during the workshops.

13. Be insured during the workshops duration.

14. Agree to have the work process and its outcome published;

15. Give his/her consent to the publication of your person on pictures posted on social networking sites and post-work publications made during the workshops.

16. Protect his/her belongings during the workshops.Organizer is not to be held responsible for any lost or damaged property;

17. He/she undertakes to observe the principles of health and safety at the workshop with the modeling tools provided. The organizer is not responsible for injuries caused by incorrect work.

18. He/she undertakes to comply with the bans of access to the space of facilities made available for the OSSA Lodz Vision workshops admitted by the organizer.


and declares that:


1. The entry form is his/her own, individual work;

2. He/she agrees to have the entry form and his/her name published;

3. Personal information given in the application form is true;

4. He/she agrees with contents of the terms and conditions.