Support OSSA

International Architecture Students Meetings take place regularly, evolving from the form of meetings to group activities. Regardless of their form, the workshops associate participants whose weekly work results
in irreplaceable experiences.


Acting completely non-profit, we divide our time between our studies and organising the OSSA workshops. The costs needed to arrange such project come from various grants and financial support from private companies and institutions. In addition, the organization of each edition
is possible due to participant's fees. We care, however, that they are available to everyone, regardless of their material status. If you want
to support our work, we are open to cooperation offers. For us, the organizers, it is an opportunity to continue the organization of workshops, for you, to present your company - product or service - to participants who will soon find themselves in the graduate market.


If you also want to support the initiative of OSSA workshops, contact us today! Together, we will determine the best terms of cooperation.